Final Destiny - The Future Reign of the Servant Kings

By: Joseph Dillow

It's a core resource for the theological views of the G2H ministry, with its underpinnings in the Bible and Free Grace theology.

This is a go-to reference from Grace Theology Press.

“This work is extensive in its argumentation, expansive in its canonical scope, and immensely expanded from its first edition. It is an exceptional work, and a majestic achievement of both exegetical and biblical theology.”
-Fred Chay, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Theological Studies and Director of Doctoral Studies, Phoenix Seminary. President of the Free Grace Alliance.

“When I first read Reign of the Servant Kings many years ago it impacted my life and thinking powerfully. This revised and greatly expanded edition is certain to become a standard discussion of the doctrines of grace and rewards.”
-Kenneth R. Mitchell, Th.D. Teaching pastor, Westside Chapel, Jacksonville, Florida. Author of “Justice and Generosity – The Teaching of the Bible Concerning the Poor.”

“Dr. Dillow’s discussions of many controversial Bible verses and doctrines are thorough, fair, well documented, and thought-provoking.”
-The Late Roy B. Zuck, Th.D. Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Editor, Bibliotheca Sacra.

“Jody Dillow’s book, Final Destiny: The Future Reign of the Servant Kings, is a tour de force for anyone seriously interested in grappling with the biblical doctrines of salvation and assurance, and becoming Christ’s partner in the fulfillment of human destiny.”
-J. Paul Tanner, Ph.D. Former Professor of Semitics and Old Testament at East Asia School of Theology and the Jordon Evangelical Theological Seminary.

“With outstanding scholarship and thorough attention to exegetical and theological detail, Joseph Dillow has given us a magnificent vision of the final destiny of man. Those who disagree with “Free Grace” soteriology will be uninformed if they have not read this work.”
-Earl Radmacher, Th.D. President Emeritus. Western Theological Seminary.

“For anyone interested in deeper understanding of the important issues of salvation by grace through faith alone, eternal security, eternal rewards, and man’s Final Destiny, this book is a must read!”
-Larry Waters, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biblical Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary.

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