My life is a mess.

Sometimes I don’t know where to turn. Everything around me seems to be crashing down. Everyone is screaming about something. There is so much hate! I am mentally exhausted. There is nothing solid anymore. No one I can trust. Shoot, I can’t even trust myself. What I thought was true for me is letting me down. Everything I hope will satisfy me is betraying me, but I keep running back to those things that are destroying me! What is going on?

And don’t throw religion in my face, please! Quit trying to manipulate me and make me feel guilty with your religious stuff. Honestly, I’d rather just live in this chaos than be like religious people! Most of them are pretenders anyway.

Man if I could find solid ground! It may not be out there though. Something to really believe in would be amazing. Something that wouldn’t leave me worse than when I found it!

Honestly I don’t think it’s out there. There is no hope for that. But maybe someday I’ll find something worth believing.

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