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“Many students will have genuine belief in their teacher, but a few will move on to a greater commitment to follow – and those few will change the world.” – Anonymous

Beginning in 2015, I (author) was blessed with hours every day for an extended period of time to become a student again, responding as a believer to the call of greater commitment as a follower of Jesus. I’ve now come to know Him as the greatest teacher that ever lived. I’ve also come to understand that there are actually two facets to my life with Jesus, and this is the key to the life I am learning to live.

Believing for salvation – a free gift

The first facet is believing in the Gospel for salvation, meaning placing trust in, and receiving Jesus Christ as savior, for the free gift of eternal life. If you are a believer, you have full assurance of your eternal salvation. In his book The Gift of God, Richard Seymour clears up any confusion about this incredibly gracious gift of eternal life for all who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Following into discipleship – a free choice

The second facet is choosing to trust in Jesus in a discipleship sense, to begin living that eternal life here and now as His student, His follower. This is when Jesus becomes more than your Savior. He becomes your teacher. Both these facets of the Christian life, believing and following, are different but each is life changing. Another author, Lucas Kitchen, has written many titles related to these facets of the Christian walk. This one, entitled Salvation and Discipleship – Is there a difference? will help you understand the distinction between these two incredible facets.

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As my faith grew on this personal journey of discovery, with hours of study and reading, reflection, worship, prayer and quiet time with my newly discovered teacher, my life drastically changed for the better. I learned about how to live out my true identity in Him. I found new purpose, value and vision for the future. I went from the infancy stages of belief (for salvation), to increasing maturity as a follower of the Master Teacher, Jesus (discipleship).

Over time, this personal pursuit has become a loose affiliation of Christ followers, fellow students, who are dear friends. We share life together with our teacher as much as our busy lives permit, with different backgrounds, life experiences and stories to tell. The bottom line is that we share a common passion for following Jesus and sharing this amazing “goodbye-to-hello” life with others!

It’s not about religion but relationship

Just to put your mind at ease, following Jesus, the greatest teacher who ever lived, is not about religion. We’re not interested in helping people become religious like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time on earth. As with all religions, this is humanity’s legalistic attempt to earn God’s favor, all based on what you can see – good, legalistic outward behavior. Religiously motivated works don’t work! Being “good” and moral never saved a soul and never will.

Sadly whenever the name of Jesus Christ enters into the conversation most people immediately equate Him with religion! This really misrepresents and mischaracterizes Jesus who is all about something very different, in fact, something starkly juxtaposed to religion. Jesus can’t be confused with the hundreds of world religions because He transcends them all! He is eternal, pre-eminent to all religions. Jesus brought to humanity an invitation to a relationship like no other, not based on sight (outer life) but on faith (inner life).

If you read scripture you’ll see that Jesus didn’t seek out religious people to be His students. He was after relationships with people that knew they needed Him. People that honestly struggled with life and humbly knew how much they longed for a great teacher who would give them truth. Of course Jesus is passionate for a relationship with you today, no matter where you have been or where you are.

This may be the day

We’re excited that this may be the day you turn that key and respond to the call to believe and follow Jesus. You’ll discover that He is your new favorite teacher, the one you can really trust, the one who sees more in you than you ever knew, the one who will transform your life.

If you’re just now coming onboard and you haven’t looked at any of the content yet, I’d recommend that you just start here and go through the articles in sequential order, following the links at the end of each page. And please feel free to contact us at any time with questions and comments.

May the goodbye-to-hello life be yours!


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All scriptural references are taken from a variety of Bible translations and paraphrases including The Message Bible (MSG), The New Living Translation (NLT), English Standard Version (ESV), The Voice (Voice), The Passion Translation (TPT), New American Standard Bible (NASB), The Living Bible (TLB), New International Version (NIV). Quotations used from other sources are acknowledged in text. Photos used are taken from a variety of artists mentioned by name.

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