Am I really ready for this?

“Lord, keep me low; empty me more and more; lay me in the dust, let me be dead and buried as to all that is of self; then shall Jesus live in me, and reign in me, and be truly my All-in-all!”― Charles H. Spurgeon,The Beatitudes

Am I really ready for this? That’s another interesting question. Sadly, many believers will never come to the point of even asking that question. But let’s consider that for a moment. Who among us is really ready to be emptied and laid low in the dust, dead and buried? Honestly? Certainly not me and probably not you either.

Not ready?

Looking back for a moment at the previous page, was the word “ready” ever mentioned? Nope. Jesus knew the heart of men and that none were ready to follow Him. None! Some might have said they were ready, but Jesus knew their hearts. The word you’ll see from the previous page is the word “willing.” That’s it. There were no other expectations from Jesus. No need for an impressive résumé, no list of character references, no notable accomplishments. So, then this leads you and I to the right question to ask, candidly acknowledging we’re not ready while at the same time wondering if there’s at least a willingness in us? Are you willing to follow, even though you may not be fully ready?

Maybe you’ll identify with a prayer like this:

“You know, I think I’m willing to make a change. I want my life to mean something. I hunger to genuinely walk out my belief. I’m thankful for my eternal salvation, but I want to drink in that eternal life right now, to be changed. I want the Christ that saved me to be more fully formed in my being from this day forward in the thoughts and intentions of my heart, in my choices, in my pursuits, in my relationships, and in my vision. I want to be good soil into which Christ will sow His seed, that I may go and grow with Him where He leads, even though He isn’t physically by my side. I want what’s next with Jesus.”

Oh that you and I would pray this prayer, the humble, heartfelt expression of a willingness to follow Jesus into discipleship.

They weren’t ready either

Writer Mary C. Weisenburger, on her Website, in an article entitled Are We Ever Ready for Jesus? provides reassurance for you if you’re not sure you’re ready to make this level of commitment to Jesus. The right question to ask yourself is, am I willing? Might be surprising to learn from the writer’s article that even Jesus’ closest disciples in Scripture weren’t fully ready to follow Him either!

“Jesus called Nathaniel…Nathaniel lacked openness. Nathaniel wasn’t ready.
Jesus called Philip…Philip lacked simplicity.  Philip wasn’t ready.
Jesus called Simon, the Zealot…Simon lacked non-violence.  Simon wasn’t ready.
Jesus called Andrew…Andrew lacked a sense of risk. Andrew wasn’t ready.
Jesus called Thomas…  Thomas lacked vision.  Thomas wasn’t ready.
Jesus called Judas…  Judas lacked spiritual maturity.  Judas definitely was not ready.
Jesus called Matthew… Matthew lacked a sense of social sin. Matthew wasn’t ready.
Jesus called Thaddeus…Thaddeus lacked commitment.  Thaddeus wasn’t ready.
Jesus called James the Lesser…James lacked awareness. James wasn’t ready.
Jesus called James and John, the Sons of Thunder…James and John lacked a sense of servanthood. James and John were not ready.
Jesus called Peter, the Rock…Peter lacked courage. Peter was not ready.
​The point, you see, is that Jesus doesn’t call the ready. Jesus calls the willing! That is a consoling thought because the heavy responsibilities of adulthood and the narrow gate of discipleship generally call us before we are really ready.’ (from ‘Sac
red Fire’)” – Mary C. Weisenburger

All Jesus is seeking is your willingness. Your will is the best place to start, and the next article offers some great news in that regard.

Key takeaways:
1. Readiness and willingness are two different things. Only willingness is required in choosing to follow Jesus.
2. Each of the twelve apostles, Jesus’ closest followers of the first century in many ways were not ready to follow, yet they were willing to follow. They went on to change the world.

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