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Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

By: Jeanne Guyon

One of the most influential spiritual books ever penned, even secular historians acknowledge the great impact Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ has had in Christian history.

Salvation and Discipleship – Is there a difference?

By: Lucas Kitchen

Not knowing the difference between salvation and discipleship keeps many people from experiencing either. This book will clear up confusion on these two important facets of faith found all through

Final Destiny – The Future Reign of the Servant Kings

By: Joseph Dillow

It's a core resource for the theological views of the G2H ministry, with its underpinnings in the Bible and Free Grace theology.

Mysteries of the Universe and Planet Earth

By: Herman R. Habegger

A challenge to your thinking about the Universe.

The Transformed Life

By: John R. Carter

God has designed a plan of genuine transformation for every person.

How Should We Then Live?

By: Francis A. Schaeffer

The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture.

Leap Over a Wall

By: Eugene H. Peterson

Exploration of one of the Bible’s most controversial figures: King David.

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