Goodbye has never been so Hello – old

On this website, we talking about a necessary, ongoing, lifelong process in order to step from being a believer to being a follower of Jesus, to know what it means to truly live with the fullness of God. You just can’t be filled with something new unless you’re first emptied. And it’s likely that you’ve been enjoying what’s been inside your “container” for a long time even though it may be very wrong, hurtful and destructive for you or those you love. But now you’re willingly considering emptying your container so that you can have something far better to place inside of you.

Of course, saying goodbye is not a new concept. Everyone has had to say goodbye to something or someone, probably many times throughout life. You’re probably remembering that some of your goodbyes in the past were gut-wrenching and heart-breaking, especially when relationships were involved. These memories even right now cause a range of intense emotions, don’t they? Other goodbyes are related to letting go of things. What about an addiction, habit, or other unhealthy behavior? Perhaps you’ll need to say goodbye to a past way of life or mindset that you realize has been destructive.

To walk with Jesus is to walk away from – to empty yourself of – those relationships or things in your life that have been destructive to yourself or others. Even while they may still bring you great pleasure or comfort. To follow Jesus is to embrace the new life that you have been designed for, and where you’ll find lasting and redeeming pleasure, comfort, and joy.

Much of the New Testament contains letters from the first disciples to the first-century believers that encouraged those believers who, just like you, were learning to say goodbye to past relationships, things, and lifestyles. The disciples were conveying the value of each believer’s walk with Christ, their anticipated growth, and the expectation and calling to walk worthy of one who belongs to the family of God. For you and me today, these historic letters accentuate the importance and great, eternal value of following Jesus.

Always remember, on the other side of every Goodbye there is always a Hello.

So as not to discourage you right at the beginning, review these points:

  1. Keep your focus on Jesus and the growth in your inner life as we walk with you along the way. You’ll begin to see God working you through these difficult goodbyes, one by one.
  2. The goodbyes always start as internal choices. You don’t have to run out tonight and do anything rash. This is just about recognizing that being emptied, and saying goodbye, is first an inner-life choice.
  3. Most of your actual goodbyes will take time, one by one. It’s all in God’s perfect timing.
  4. Don’t rush this or feel that you need to be good enough. But start searching your heart about the “stuff” that needs to be emptied out of your life.
  5. Over time, you’ll probably recognize there’s other stuff in your life that needs to go that you haven’t even thought of yet.

It’s actually a beautiful, passionate, transformative process of saying goodbye to your past and hello to your present and future walk with Christ. In reality, this relationship brings your eternal life with Him into the present, into your day-to-day life now! It will become a new open space for you to discover real freedom. This is the ever-expanding fullness of life that is promised by Christ. Naturally then, if this is such a wonderful promise for a fulfilled life, don’t you really want to understand more about who God is, and Jesus, and His Spirit? Going even further, wouldn’t it help you to understand just how you, a mere mortal, can receive anything this wonderful from an immortal God that perhaps has seemed so distant or unknown to you? To follow Jesus, knowing God is critical. As you get to know God, you will get to know yourself – the real you!

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