This is love

Love – Let it whisper words in your ear today.

Love – A Living Word, surpassing all knowledge, it cannot be fully grasped in this life. You see it in part, as in a reflection, Yearning to know it as you are fully known.

Love – A cross on a hill, an empty grave, no enemy can resist it, no power defeats, always victorious, standing above all else, in dying made alive forever!

Love – A Person humble and powerfully meek, resisting pride in any wretched form, embracing the weak and broken. Jesus.

Love – The story of humanity saved by Amazing Grace. Once you were lost, but now YOU ARE FOUND.

Love – Is longing for you, searching traveler, to let go of your past, your fear and shame – even your pity or pride – so you can be rooted, established, redeemed. Forgiven. Made new. Made alive. Today!

Love. Whispered in your ear. Did you hear it?

About the Author


Hey, welcome to goodbye2hello! My name's Joseph, and I'm the head staff writer. I'm also a father, brother and son, and I'm learning to follow Jesus. Yes, that's right, learning! The number one thing I would tell you is that the journey with Jesus is all about your heart and learning to surrender it more to Him each day. Simple as that, but also as difficult as that! I hope the pages here will shed some light for you on building your foundation with Jesus, and then what it looks like through the lives and experiences of the first followers, throughout the New Testament, to walk daily with Him. We are on this journey together, you and I.

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