To Bear Fruit

My life of churchianity is being dismantled.
A lifelong focus on works is being relinquished.
Replaced by a simple longing for Jesus.
More surrender, less effort.
More freedom, less guilt.
I have not - nor will I in this life - figure it all out. It is a process of time.
But I know my "Lord, Lord"s have been spoken from a heart that did not know Him.
Falling in line with other believers, I placed my own efforts ahead of God.
I was "doing it for God," as if He needed or wanted that, or as if I could prove something to Him.
Then Jesus found me where I thought He would never go.
Starting again, through brokenness, something began in darkness and silence.
A tiny seed, under pressure and pain, came alive.
And I learned that this is what fruit bearing looks like.
Of the Spirit, to the spirit. God within humanity, growing.
Revealed in Jesus who became wisdom for us, through death and new life.
A wisdom of fruitfulness. Pure. Peace loving. Considerate. Submissive. Full of mercy and sincerity.
Hidden, but thriving in the heart.
And without even my knowing, the fruit of Christ becomes wine.
The fruit crushed to release its redeeming power.
I become the vessel, wine pouring out from within.
This is where fruit becomes works. Works of Surrender and obedience.
Like Abraham and other heroes of the faith.
That in Christ, others might be nourished, and blessings multiplied, to the glory of God.

About the Author


Hey, welcome to goodbye2hello! My name's Joseph, and I'm the head staff writer. I'm also a father, brother and son, and I'm learning to follow Jesus. Yes, that's right, learning! The number one thing I would tell you is that the journey with Jesus is all about your heart and learning to surrender it more to Him each day. Simple as that, but also as difficult as that! I hope the pages here will shed some light for you on building your foundation with Jesus, and then what it looks like through the lives and experiences of the first followers, throughout the New Testament, to walk daily with Him. We are on this journey together, you and I.

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