If these walls

“If these walls could speak….”

Think for a second about the homes that have been a part of your life, and what voices, laughter and tears linger in the past, in those walls. I sometimes take myself back to those places and just listen.

“If these old walls could speak of things that they remember well, stories and faces dearly held, a couple in love livin’ week to week, rooms of laughter, if these walls could speak.”

Makes me think of my mom and dad. Or the days when I was married. And the little ones we once were, or raised, just trying to make ends meet!

“If these old halls, hallowed halls could talk, these would have a tale to tell of sun goin’ down and dinner bell, and children playing at hide and seek from floor to rafter, if these halls could speak.”

An unexplainable ache in me longs for those days of youth while I consider the priceless value of the tomorrows in front of me….

“They would tell you that I’m sorry for bein’ cold and blind and weak. They would tell you that it’s only that I have a stubborn streak, if these walls could speak.”

Yes, there are the regrets mixed with all the good times of being filled to the brim, yet the days ahead promise new opportunity to love others in the Spirit of Christ.

“If these old fashioned window panes were eyes, I guess they would have seen it all – each little tear and sigh and footfall, and every dream that we came to seek or followed after, if these walls could speak.”

Verses from Amy Grant, “If These Walls Could Speak”

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