Just a prayer in the night

Do you ever stir in the middle of the night, and wonder why? When you might sit up on the side of your bed in the dark? You may sit and wonder, and wait. Tears may come, or thankfulness, perhaps even grief or worry or joy. Sometimes it helps to just speak out to the walls your deepest thoughts in that moment a rough and honest prayer, Because perhaps more than the walls may hear…

“Two o’clock in the morning, A fitful stirring, she is awakened by a whisper from The One Who Never Sleeps… Her restless thoughts become Just a prayer in the night. A sleepy heart lingers with hope, waiting… Her voice so meek, but might she muster angel armies, asking Heaven’s presence to breathe on hurting souls and give Life to those she loves? And Grace, and Truth, and Wonder. To bring the Divine into her ordinary, the Light into her darkness. In this experiment of time and matter, this surreal, temporal existence but a speck of dust in Eternal Glory, it is just her prayer in the night. A single voice, seemingly alone in an endless universe. Can these simple, fleshy words spark a flurry of angel wings and a chorus of worship in the heavens, orchestrated by the God Who Is Near? Maybe a weary warrior’s cry, but it is the Father’s Song on her quivering lips, the Eternal Hope within. Just a prayer in the night.”

About the Author


Hey, welcome to goodbye2hello! My name's Joseph, and I'm the head staff writer. I'm also a father, brother and son, and I'm learning to follow Jesus. Yes, that's right, learning! The number one thing I would tell you is that the journey with Jesus is all about your heart and learning to surrender it more to Him each day. Simple as that, but also as difficult as that! I hope the pages here will shed some light for you on building your foundation with Jesus, and then what it looks like through the lives and experiences of the first followers, throughout the New Testament, to walk daily with Him. We are on this journey together, you and I.

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