Keep on praying

“The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there….” The Book of Acts, chapter 19, verse 32.

This is the scene described in a Mediterranean arena in the mid first century. Masses in a frenzied uproar over an apparent threat to their freedom, prosperity and way of life from a strange cult claiming outrageous things about a man named Jesus.

What’s startling is that the masses did not even know why they were there! The power of the populace and crowd hysteria gripped them over an alleged threat to their well-being. Rings true today?

Jesus has never been popular. Or convenient. Or comfortable. Truth is not easy to swallow when it confronts us. Many eyes are closed, keeping souls hopelessly in darkness. In darkness, lies are not recognized. Deception thrives. Disguised as freedom, pleasure, prosperity, human rights, social justice. Their eyes must be kept sealed, lest they should be exposed to the dangerous light of Truth.

“Most of the people did not even know why they were there.”

Eyelids like a heavy weight sealing their tombs. Living daily lives for something – anything – to feel safe, in control, free. Not even knowing why they are there anyway. Wherever “there” is.

Oh, one day, maybe one day, in a moment… After prolonged and patient prayers whispered for years by someone who loves them… a pinpoint of light will pierce the darkness. Then in a moment of time, eyes of maybe one frenzied soul will burst open to an explosion of blessed Light.

The violence of the Cross and the empty tomb, in a brightness beyond human tolerance, answers the long-whispered prayers from someone. Darkness is gone! Whose eyes will be opened? Perhaps those of the dear one you love so much. Perhaps someone hopelessly lost in darkness. Maybe someone lost among the masses in the arena of life, screaming and shouting about something but not even knowing why. Keep on, keep on, keep on praying, weary one.

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Hey, welcome to goodbye2hello! My name's Joseph, and I'm the head staff writer. I'm also a father, brother and son, and I'm learning to follow Jesus. Yes, that's right, learning! The number one thing I would tell you is that the journey with Jesus is all about your heart and learning to surrender it more to Him each day. Simple as that, but also as difficult as that! I hope the pages here will shed some light for you on building your foundation with Jesus, and then what it looks like through the lives and experiences of the first followers, throughout the New Testament, to walk daily with Him. We are on this journey together, you and I.

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